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SDEEPURPEDIC is loved by many people. You can read about it here.

Absorb the Impact Memory Distortion Anti-bacteria and Anti-mite Relieve Stress Breathable and Hygroscopic
From the people
From the people
I started looking for a replacement pillow and ordered the Sdeepurpedic Memory Foam Pillow. It's really like sleeping in the air! No chemical smell.
— Christy
From the people
Best pillows I’ve bought in a very long time. Pillows are extremely comfortable. I also bought very expensive pillows from another company, and I prefer these pillows from Sdeepurpedic.
— Bmariel
From the people
On the one hand, it's good quality and comfortable. On the other hand, you're going to sleep in the position your pillow dictates. But if you want to try out a memory foam pillow, this is a good one.
— Emily
From the people
Why hasn't this pillow been in my life until now!? It's super comfortable while being very supportive of my head while I sleep. Another bonus is that it's great for keeping good posture, so I couldn't recommend it enough if you've been having posture issues.
— Adrian
From the people
The pillow is very high quality , the fabric is very soft and easy to take out for washing , does support the neck area very well , however if you have a pinched nerve on your neck might kick back some symptoms
— Charlene
From the people
This pillow is excellent, I love it. It’s very supportive and the best pillow i’ve ever bought.
— John Spradlin
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Healthy Sleep

Fitting pillows. Perfect harmony, hypoallergenic, high density, antibacterial and mite removal, ergonomic design is suitable for us to escape from cervical pain and get healthy sleep.

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Popular Pillow

Best Contour Pillow

This neck support pillow has a perfect contoured design. Two heights 4.33 inches (the higher side) and 3.54 inches (the lower side).

Best Neck Pillow

This pillow is especially good for the cervical ,the pillowcase is inlaid with high-quality ice silk, which is cool and breathable, keeps you dry all night.

Standard Pillow

This standard pillow fits the needs of most people and is a must-have in every home, available in different designs and heights.

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SDEEPURPEDIC Memory Foam Pillow

How soon can I get my order?

The shipping process has two parts: preparing the shipment and shipping itself.
Our products are shipped usually gets to you for up to 5-7 business days.

How much is shipping?

For customers in the U.S., we offer a flat shipping fee of $12.99 for one pillow, and free shipping for purchases of two or more pillows.

What payment methods does SDEEPURPEDIC accept?

We accept PayPal and credit cards ,Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, American Express and Airwallex Pay.

Can the memory foam pillow still be used if it turns yellow?

Generally does not affect the use. In fact, the yellowing of the memory foam pillow core is a normal oxidation phenomenon, which will inevitably lose some of its original excellent characteristics. Purchase reminder, usually pay attention to minimize exposure to sunlight and water.

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