Let our love converge into a warm force and bring hope to those in need.

"Warm and peaceful sleep: One pillow and one heart, our love is passed on"

Stories that inspire us:
In a quiet corner of the city, there is a charity called "House of Starlight". Taking care of children and families as their mission, they have been working hard to create a better life for those in need. Recently, however, they noticed a heartbreaking problem.
On the edge of the city, there is an orphanage for children from all backgrounds. Although they had a warm shelter, they did not have enough comfort items, especially pillows, to give them a peaceful rest at night.
The team of "House of Stars" decided to launch a special project called "Warm and Sleeping", which aims to provide these children with warm and comfortable pillows, so that they can have a good night full of dreams and hopes.
The story of "Warm Dreams" makes people realize that every small act of kindness can change someone's life. We can prove to the world with our actions that even a pillow can become a warm dream for children and a carrier of love and hope.

The following are our efforts to spread love and hope:
Donate our pillows to charity in the name of Sdeepurpedic

Donation premise:

Customers who buy our pillows and think that our pillows are not suitable for their sleep can donate the pillows.

Donation steps:

& Choose a well-known charitable organization to donate.

& Donate in the name of "Sdeepurpedic".

& The donation receipt needs to be sent to customer service for verification.

Donation Experience

Donate to Goodwill

A customer brought our pillow home and found it was a bit too firm for her, so we offered to donate the pillow to a local charity, Goodwill.