If you’re a natural back sleeper, congratulations! Sleep experts opine that your spinal health should be in great shape!

Lying flat on your back is considered the healthiest sleeping position because it supports the natural curvature of the spine and mimics your standing posture.

Who is a Back Sleeper?

A back sleeper is someone who sleeps on their back. No points for guessing!

What are Their Sleeping Preferences?

Most back sleepers instinctively prefer to…

& Fit a pillow into the curves of their neck and shoulders

& Avoid pillows that keep the head over-elevated

& Avoid pillows that allow the head to sink into them too much

& Seek knee and lumbar support

How Do You Identify Them?

When a back sleeper wakes up, their hair is likely to be flatter or messier at the back of their heads. This is an indication of the particular sleeping position.

Also, if you frequently hear complaints about the person snoring at night, he is most likely a back sleeper.


What Are the Advantages of Sleeping on Your Back?

There are many advantages of lying on your back. We have listed the most important pointers below.

& Improved spine alignment

& Prevention of acid reflux

& Improved sinusitis

& Alleviation of tension headaches

& Alleviation of neck and back pain

& Deceleration of wrinkles and fine lines

& Reduced acne breakouts

& Deceleration of puffy eyes

What Are the Disadvantages of Sleeping on Your Back?

Back sleeping, although considered the best sleeping position, comes with numerous disadvantages which are listed below:

& Trouble getting deep sleep

& Increased snoring

& Increased risks of sleep apnea

& Increased episodes of sleep paralysis

& Not recommended for pregnant ladies

& Not recommended for older and heavier adults

What are the Types of Back Sleeping Positions?


Back sleepers can be further categorized into the following types:

& Soldier

This back sleeper resembles a soldier standing at attention. While he sleeps on his back, his arms lengthwise rest on either side. In yoga, this position is known as Savasana.

& Shooting Star

This back sleeper lifts one or both his arms over his head and spreads out his legs for maximum comfort.

Which Pillows are Ideal for Back Sleepers?

The right pillow for back sleepers facilitates proper spinal alignment without putting pressure on the shoulders, hips, and back.

Consider the following aspects while buying back sleepers pillow:


While regular pillows satiate most back sleepers, going for purpose-designed pillows could improve the quality of sleep for a back sleeper. We recommend four varieties

& Wedge pillows

& Cervical pillows

& Lumbar pillows

& Knee pillows

Wedge-shaped pillows are triangular and raise the torso while you sleep. They keep the spine straight as well as relieve pressure on the neck, shoulders, and back. This, in turn, helps you rest easier and work wonders in preventing acid reflux. 

pillow for back sleepers, too, are ergonomically designed to promote optimal alignment of the spine, head, neck, and shoulder in back sleepers.

Similarly, lumbar pillows help in preventing pain in the lower back area while back sleeping while knee pillows placed underneath the knees help in relieving pressure in those areas.


Assuming we are talking about regular pillows, the best pillow for back sleepers should be of medium firmness so the head doesn’t sink in too much or remain elevated at an awkward angle. Pillows that are too soft or too firm are likely to cause neck and back pain.


 Best pillow for back sleepers should be of medium loft (thickness), measuring between 3 and 5 inches. Pillows with thickness lesser than 3” or more than 5” are likely to cause improper spinal alignment.

Fill Material

Because back sleeping warrants pillows of medium firmness and loft, the following fill materials are considered the best for them.

& Memory Foam – memory foam pillow for back sleepers adequately firm and contours to a back sleeper’s head

& Buckwheat – firm enough to offer reinforcement to the neck and soft enough to mold to the shape of the head

& Latex– maintains spinal alignment, offers cushioned support, and contours to the shape of the head

& Quilled Feather – conforms to the shape of the head and neck shape and promotes optimal alignment of the spine

& Wool – strikes the right balance between firmness and softness

Back sleepers can also try pillows stuffed with kapokmillet hulls, and cotton. However, they might not benefit much from sleeping on Down pillows, as the fill material is super soft and fluffy.



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