Contour pillow refers to a massage type pillow for those whose cervical spine is in a state of fatigue for a long time. This type of pillow has a massage effect and can provide a natural and simple massage to the head during rest, so as to relieve long-term fatigue. , can make you feel noticeably comfortable.
Most adults experience cervical spondylosis and insomnia. Nearly 70% of adults suffer from frequent insomnia, and 30% of them suffer from cervical spondylosis and intractable insomnia. According to the results of a sample survey conducted by authoritative departments in 2001, among people over 35 years old, those who often suffer from insomnia and cervical spine discomfort accounted for 29.83% of the total number of adults; among the urban population, the number of adult patients reached 46.47%. In other words, one in every three adults suffers from insomnia and cervical spondylosis. The incidence of cervical spondylosis accounts for 35% of adults... What a terrifying number this is!

There are many contour pillow materials on the market, and we use memory foam as the raw material. It is an open cell structure with temperature-sensing and pressure-reducing properties. It can also be called a temperature-sensing and pressure-reducing material. When the human body comes into contact with the material, the material will sense the human body temperature and gradually become softer. At the same time, it absorbs the human body pressure, thereby adjusting the human body to the most comfortable posture. So what are the advantages of the best contour pillow? Let's take a look together.
This kind of pillow is designed according to ergonomics, and its memory deformation and automatic shaping ability can stabilize the head and reduce the possibility of stiff neck; the automatic shaping ability can properly fill the shoulder gap, avoid the common problem of air leakage in the shoulder area, and can effectively prevent cervical spine problems. At the same time, this kind of pillow can absorb impact force. When you pillow on it, you feel like you are floating on the water/or in the clouds, and your skin feels like there is no pressure; it is also called zero pressure. Sometimes when we use ordinary pillows, there is pressure on the auricles, but this won’t happen with a slow rebound pillow.
In addition, anti-bacteria and anti-mites are also a major feature of this material. Memory foam can inhibit the growth of mold and eliminate the irritating odor caused by the reproduction and growth of mold. This becomes even more prominent when there is sweat stains and saliva. At the same time, memory foam is also breathable and moisture-absorbing. Since each cell unit is interconnected, its breathable and moisture-absorbing properties are also very good.
Choosing the right pillow can relieve the pressure of the cervical spine and relieve fatigue. If you are looking for a contour pillow, come to our store and have a look.

October 06, 2023 — sdeepur pedic

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