In this era of rapid development, people are facing great pressure of life, and having a good sleep at night has become a problem for many people.The quality of sleep is actually very related to our pillow. If we often sleep a bad pillow, cervical spine is also prone to problems, and sometimes we wake up feel back pain, or stiff pillow snoring. These symptoms are often caused by choosing an inappropriate pillow that leads to poor sleep quality. We know that people spend about a third of their life in bed, so it's important to invest in a quality pillow to get a better sleep.

The following article will introduce a high quality pillow- -memory foam pillow.
Memory foam pillow, also known as space memory foam pillow, space pillow, zero pressure memory foam pillow, slow rebound sponge pillow, polyether polyurethane pillow, and so on. The pillow made of memory foam, has the characteristics of temperature control decompression, and will form the inherent shape of the head and neck, like the shape of the head and neck, adapt to the curve of the head and neck, increase the touch area of the pillow and the head and neck, reduce the pressure, let people sleep more easily, improve the quality of sleep, eventually get a better sleep. Most of the memory foam pillow is slow rebound pillow, and the shape will slowly recover after pressing down.

Memory foam pillow features
1.Absorb the impact force. The unique slow rebound characteristics of memory foam can absorb the impact force, and the pressure on the head and cervical spine is almost zero. When the pillow is above, it feels like floating on the water or cloud, without pressure, very comfortable. The blood circulation of the head and neck is good, which is conducive to deep sleep. Sometimes when we use ordinary pillows, we will press the auricle phenomenon, but using slow rebound pillows will not show this situation.

2.The waveform design of memory foam pillow conforms to the physiological curve of the human body, forming the support of the cervical spine, memory deformation and automatic plasticity, which can fix the head and reduce the possibility of stiff pillow. The warm and plastic function of memory cotton makes the pillow and the head and neck fit more comfortable and perfect. At the same time, active plastic can properly fill the shoulder gap, overcome the traditional cervical force deformation caused by the round or oval pillow sleeping, can more effectively prevent cervical problems.

3.Prevent bacteria and fight mites. Memory foam pillow has natural air permeability, warm in winter and cool in summer, and can also inhibit the growth of mold, prevent bacteria and fight mites, and eliminate the stimulating smell produced by mold reproduction and growth. Pillow with poor air permeability, easy to accumulate bacteria in summer, also can not ensure adequate breathing during sleep, children may use safety risks. Memory foam pillow has overcome these problems and become a high quality pillow in the new era.

That is the characteristics of memory foam pillow, I hope this article is helpful to you, and we can all have a better sleep.

October 06, 2023 — sdeepur pedic

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