Why did we create this brand?

In today's rapidly developing world, there are countless people who go to bed late. After a hard day's work in the daytime, night time is precious for office workers. In fact, many young people are physically tired at night, but their spirits are high.

According to the survey, the average sleep time of minors is only seven hours, 42 percent of the elderly need more than half an hour to fall asleep, and the insomnia rate is as high as 21 percent. Sleep problems are most common among those aged between 19 and 35, and young people have become the main drivers of late nights.

To help these people ease their pain, we created this brand.

Our goal is to become a trusted brand beyond some of the home and bedding industries. At the same time to provide you with the most suitable for your sleep experience of the product line. We are committed to helping people feel good, sleep better, and, through our continuous progress, replace living with comfort.