Memory foam pillows, like any other kind of pillow, should be cleaned regularly. But can they be washed? The answer is yes—and no.

Due to the construction of memory foam, exposing it to the agitation of a washer and dryer will cause the foam to break apart. So yes, you can wash a memory foam pillow, but no, you cannot do so in the washing machine.

However, a vacuum cleaner can be used to clean a memory foam pillow quickly and with ease. There are also methods for stain removal, as well as for deep cleaning, that are safe for memory foam pillows. In this article, we'll cover three methods for cleaning a memory foam pillow, as well as under which circumstances and how often to perform each type of cleaning.

& Deodorizing and Eliminating Allergens from Memory Foam Pillows

When cleaning pillows, the main goal is to eliminate buildup that causes odors and allergies and affects a pillow's loft. Washing is one way to do this, but another way is to use your vacuum—fitted with the upholstery attachment—to remove dust, dust mites, body soils, pet dander, and other small particles. When it comes to cleaning the best memory foam pillow, vacuuming is the go-to method.

Sprinkle the pillow with baking soda and allow it to sit for one hour prior to vacuuming to help neutralize odors. However, this step is only needed as necessary. Vacuuming a memory foam pillow should be done regularly, every 1-3 months, to keep the pillow free of allergens and smelling fresh.

& How to Spot-Treat Stains on Memory Foam Pillows

Spot treating, also called spot cleaning, is the term for treating a specific stain on a specific area, in contrast to washing, which refers to removing overall soil. Perform this on an as-needed basis, every 1-3 months, as part of regular maintenance, or as part of deeper cleaning.

& How to Deep Clean a Memory Foam Pillow

Before deep cleaning a cool memory foam pillow, check the care label for specific instructions. Typically, memory foam will need to be hand-washed, as machine washing can cause it to break apart. However, memory foam commonly has hypoallergenic properties that stave off the presence of mildew, dust mites, and other allergens and it does not need to be deep cleaned as often as other types of pillow fill. Experts recommend deep cleaning a memory foam pillow every 6-12 months.

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